Yoga classes in Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Yoga is for everyone and can be part of everyone’s routine. It gives you a better quality of life physically and emotionally speaking: flexibility, energy, strength, personal growth, happiness. You will leave the yoga room feeling calm, relaxed, stretched and disconnected from a mental storm.

Red Star Surf & Yoga Lanzarote offers you regular and private yoga classes, in order to complement your surf classes. Furthermore, we offer intensive workshops and therapeutic retreats for a complete experience. One of the highlights of the sessions is live music. Sound yoga and sound baths offer you the chance to rest as never before.

Our instructors are professionals certified by International Yoga Associations. Regular classes last 1,5 hour and the number of mats is limited, so make sure you check the schedules and book your space in advance. The classes take place in an amazing location. If you travel with children we offer family and children yoga sessions.

We practice several types of yoga, but in all of them you experience:

  • pranayama (breathing exercises), the best way to feel the connection with the body
  • stretchings to warm the muscles up and get ready for the practice
  • asana (poses) combined with breathing patterns that bring us to calmness and help us leave the mind behind
  • some meditation (mindfulness) to sense the renewed energy
  • deep relaxation, to integrate the benefits of the practice and rest

Feel free to inquire massage sessions and other therapies.

Improve your surfing with Yoga, make it safer and more fun!

Yoga and surfing is the perfect combination for every surfer. Surfing and Yoga both make you flexible and strong and open your eyes to the beauty around you, as both put you in excellent harmony with your surroundings. Our Surf Yoga meets the physical needs of surfers at all levels and will support your learning experience to the maximum.

Professional surfers like Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore and Cory Lopez practice surf yoga to improve their performance in the water.  In addition, it helps to stay flexible and relaxed during competitions.

Surf Yoga Lanzarote

If everything seems to be happening at the same time, just breath!

According to the ancient yogic text, the Yogasutra of Patanjali, Yoga means ʻʻThe waves of thoughts come to rest in the spirit.ʼʼ The same will happen to you while you are in the waves of the ocean.

The Red Star Yoga sessions are specially tailored for surfers. Therefore, the focus is on relaxing asanas (exercises) to regenerate the body after a day of surfing. A mixture of stretches and relaxing exercises help your blood circulate through the body more freely. This way you can enjoy the next day’s surf session without feeling sore or physically tired.

Surf Yoga Lanzarote

Yoga benefits for surfing

Flexibility, body control, and conscious breath are essential for progressive surfing. Furthermore, the correct breathing technique will greatly improve your paddling strength, the power of your turns and your speed. In addition, practicing yoga will also highly reduce the risk of injuries.

Balance exercises ease your body into inner peace. Also you will greatly improve your balance and strength. A couple of breathing and relaxation exercises at the end of the surf yoga class will relax your body and mind.

Surf Yoga Lanzarote

Group & private yoga classes

Red Star Surf yoga classes will help you relax deeply, enjoy your body and find a high state of wellness!

The classes are a great experience, always a new surprise: life music through healing and relaxing instruments: piano, voice, hang drum, gongs, drums… You will feel relaxed like never before and face the next surfing day full of energy.

No previous experience is needed, you will experience the poses in a progressive way, from the simplest level to an advanced level. Consequently, you can decide the intensity you need every day. Sometimes we are exhausted from the effort of surfing and take it easy. Some other times we fancy going beyond our own limits.

yoga room famara

Sound yoga & Sound baths

Sound is vibration, and vibration is energy!

Red Star Surf offers you a sound relaxing and healing experience through very powerful instruments:

  • Big Gongs that make all your cells relax.
  • Magic Chimes to bring you back to childhood.
  • Bewitching piano to take a break from everything
  • Peruvian flute to connect with your roots
  • Energetic Hang Drum to make you dream
  • and more sacred sounds to make yourself travel within your calmness.

sound yoga and yoga bath

Yoga for families & children

Play & Learn!

Children start sensing the benefits of yoga learning how to breathe consciously, stretch the body and find the way to understand and handle their emotions better. Red Star offers you the possibility of practicing family yoga sessions, all together, or your children without you, while you practice some other sport or relax.

Children play and learn at the same time. We sing and learn yoga poses, paint mandalas, play acrobatic yoga games and get stronger and gain self-confidence.

yoga for children


The Red Star Surf & Yoga Camp is located in the heart of Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. A unique place in Europe with warm weather, excellent cuisine and perfect conditions for yoga and watersports all year round.

The beach Playa Famara starts only a few meters from the camp, the beach has a length of 6 km and is perfect for any outdoor and water sports your heart desires.

Rates Yoga classes & Massage
1 CLASS 1,5 hours a day €15
5 CLASSES 1,5 hours a day €60
PRIVATE CLASS 1,5 hours a day €65
SOUND BATH 1,5 hours a day €15
PRIVATE SOUND BATH 1,5 hours a day €75
MASSAGE Full body massage, 1 hour €45