Children Surf Lessons

Fun and safe

Children who want to participate in surf lessons, will have the time of their lives! Red Star Surf & Yoga Camp Lanzarote provides children surf lessons for total beginners to advanced level in a safe and fun environment. Therefore surf lessons for children are held in waist deep water. Our instructors are always nearby to provide feedback, a helping hand and ensure maximum safety. 

Mixed groups

Due to our experience, pure children groups are not very effective, which is why we mix children and adults. 

Prior experience has thought us, that the most productive and fun groups are the ones where children and adults learn surfing together. Thereby, kids and adults feed off eachother’s enthusiasm and energy. Often so, the kids in our groups show the adult students how to have fun, how to utilize natural ability, and how to stay relaxed. On the other hand, adults help kids by promoting important educational aspects. 

surf lesson children

Children Surf Lessons at REDSTARSURF.

Children Surf Lessons at REDSTARSURF

Children Surf Lessons for faster Progression

Our patient and professional surf instructors will constantly provide helpful information to the young surfers and thereby help them evolve on their surfing journey. Trying to surf on their own, kids repeat the same basic errors over and over again. Consequently, this slows and stalls progress and can be very frustrating. This way, bad habits develop, which are hard to unlearn again.

Furthermore, the sea can be a dangerous place for children. Our instructors are all certified by the Royal Life Saving Society RLSS and can provide the safety and knowledge to ensure a fun surf session in the ocean. Therefore we strongly recommend surf lessons for kids at Red Star Surf!

Course details

During our Children Surf Lessons the kids are taught the basics of surfing. Water safety, surfing etiquette, wave formations, how to paddle a surfboard, how to pick the right waves and of course how to stand up the most efficient way for their ability and wave size.

Every day the kids will learn something new and fun! Our surf lessons emphasize safety, the surfing fundamentals, and of course having the most fun doing so!

surf lesson children

Children Surf Lessons at REDSTARSURF.

We start every lesson with a fun warm up, using games and surf exercises, while also doing some stretching to prepare our bodies for the surfing day ahead.

The games and exercises we use to warm up are based on yoga. Furthermore, ball games, some mild athletics and balance techniques emphasizing core strength and breathing are done as well. All these warm up exercises are important for the development of a young surfer.


The raw and real enthusiasm children have, is inspiring and motivating therefore, our surf instructors love teaching children. Our highly skilled, kid-friendly professional team of surf instructors are also lifeguards, certified by the International Surfing Association ISA and the Royal Life Saving Society RLSS.

Hence, our surf instructors are very well trained and among the best in their field. They will get your children up and surfing in no time with the whole learning process being amazing fun and entertaining!


In the beginner lessons for children we always use kid´s size soft surfboards with soft fins and extra long leashes for additional safety. Furthermore, for advanced young surfers we have a wide range of almost every type of surfboard in our quiver. From longboards to funboards to fish surfboards to evolutive shortboards, also pro standard shortboards.

Red Star Surf provides your child with high-quality wetsuits of top brands such as XCEL, QUICKSILVER and ROXY. These help protect them from the elements, especially the hot Canarian sun. We highly recommend protecting sun exposed skin parts such as the face, the feet and the hands with strong UV protection products. In case you forgot to bring them from home, you will find a large range to choose from in our well-stocked surf shop.

Course topics

  1. How to choose the right surfboard and other important equipment (wetsuit, wax, etc.)
  2. Recognize and avoid dangers
  3. How to enter and exit the surfing zone
  4. How to paddle a surfboard
  5. Pop up techniques
  6. How to read, select and catch your very first waves
  7. Ride white water and perform basic turns
  8. Surfing etiquette and surfing rules
  9. Preparation for surfing
  10. Wave formation and the impact of weather conditions on surf

Small Groups for Safety and quick Progress

Red Star Surf & Yoga Camp Lanzarote always keeps the groups small for safety, quick progress and to ensure everyone is having fun. Therefore we ensure a maximum instructor to students ratio of 1:8, according to the recommendations of the ISA (International Surfing association).

In accordance to the age, surfing level and wave conditions, the groups may be smaller in size. A safe environment where learning is easy is our absolute priority. Therefore, most of the kids get up on a board and surf within the first few hours of the lessons! We achieve this without pressure and by teaching the right and enjoyable way to have fun in the ocean!

What do Children Surf Lessons include

  • Free hotel pick-up.*
  • Return transfer from our center in Famara to the spot of the day
  • Surfboard according to your surf level, wetsuit, rash vest
  • Practical and theoretical instructions on the beach and in the water, surf exercises, stretching
  • Videoanalysis
  • Healthy and fresh picnic lunch on the beach (sandwich with local products, fresh fruit & water)
  • Medical insurance
  • Surfing Certificate (min. 5 days course)
  • Surf school T-shirt (min. 5 days course)

* Please call us, to confirm the exact time and place. Free hotel pick-up service is offered for full day lessons only.

Children Surf Lesson Schedule

10:00h Meeting at the school center in Famara
10:30h – 12:30h Warm-up on the beach, practical and theoretical lesson on the beach and in the water
12:30h – 13:00h Picnic on the beach with fresh fruit and fresh local products as well as water
13:00h – 14:30h Warm-up on the beach, practical and theoretical lesson on the beach and in the water
Until 15:00h Back to our station in Famara, Lunch with a fresh sandwich and theory, video analysis

Surf school schedule

We meet at RED STAR SURF in Famara: every day at 10 a.m. Beginner surf lessons, including transfer to the spot, set-up and lunch break, last approx. 5 hours. Small groups up to 8 people per surf instructor. Time to be there for the half day lessons is 10 a.m. or 12.30 pm. Half day lessons last ca. 2,5 hours.

The schedule may change, due to weather and tide. We highly recommend to double check with us , call +34 928 528 808

Our surf school

You can find the Red Star Surf school and shop on the main road of Caleta de Famara in front of the bar Chiringuito and opposite the supermarket Otilia. The exact address is:

Avenida el Marinero 9, 35558 Caleta de Famara.

Opening hours are from 9am to 7pm (9am to 6pm during the winter months).

For reservations or any further questions, please, call us +34 928 528 808 or write us an email at

10 DAYS (50 hrs) €450
7 DAYS (35 hrs) €340
5 DAYS (25 hrs) €250
3 DAYS (15 hrs) €160 Surfcamp Lanzarote
1 DAY (5 hrs) €55 Surfcamp Lanzarote
1/2 DAY (2.5 hrs) €35 Surfcamp Lanzarote
5 DAYS (10 hrs) €450
1 DAY  1:1 (2.5 hrs) €100
1 DAY 1:2 (for two) (2.5 hrs) €160

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