Beginner Surf Lessons

Who is this course for

Beginner surf lessons perfectly suit everyone who wants to learn this amazing sport from scratch, with no experience at all. Consequently, you don’t have to be a great athlete. All you need is the will to spend time on the beach and in the ocean. It´s not necessary to be a great swimmer, as the beginner surf lessons always take place in secure waist depth water with the instructor always at your side. According to your physical condition and your level of fitness, you will find it easier or harder. Nevertheless, you’re gonna to have a great time!

Course details

In your very first lesson you will learn the basics of surfing, which includes water safety, surfing etiquette, wave dynamics, how to paddle a surfboard, how to catch your first wave and of course, how to stand up and ride your first waves. Every day you will learn something new. However, our beginner surf lessons emphasize safety and the basic surfing fundamentals.

Every day we start with dynamic stretching to prepare our muscles and joints for the surfing exercises. The stretching techniques we use to warm up are based on yoga, emphasizing balance and breathing, which are so important for the development of a surfer.

The majority of us spend most time of our lives on land and not in the ocean, therefore aspects of ocean behavior and safety will be new for most of us. Paddling, body positioning, safety and surf ethics will be discussed on the beach. Our patient and professional surf instructors will constantly provide you with feedback. Consequently, this will make your learning process a lot more efficient, rather than trying on your own. Repeating the same mistakes over and over again gives no progress and only makes you develop bad habits. Therefore, we highly recommend taking as much time, as you can afford for at least a 5 or 10 days course.

Practical surf exercises on the beach

Practical beginner surf exercises in small groups on the beach of Famara

Water assistance beginner surf lessons

The instructor is always at your side, on the beach and in the water


All our surf instructors are skilled and professional lifeguards, certified by the International Surfing Association ISA and the Royal Life Saving Society RLSS. Our surf instructors are absolutely the best in their field, therefore they will get you up surfing in no time and the learning process will be big fun!


For the beginner surf lessons we always use soft surfboards with soft fins, so when you fall off or get hit by the board, the impact does not lead to a serious injury. We also use extra long leashes for additional safety, so the board doesn’t drag you too strong when you fall off and you have some extra time to protect your body, avoiding unnecessary injuries.

Your body will be additionally protected by our high-quality wetsuits of the brand XCEL. Wetsuits protect your body not only from scratches of the sand and the board, also from the strong Canarian sun. Especially when you spend a lot of time in the water, because the reflection of the sun rays can lead to sunburn. We highly recommend protecting the sun exposed skin parts with strong UV protection products, which we also stock in our Red Star Surf Shop, in case you forgot to bring them from home.

What you will learn in the beginner surf lessons

  1. How to choose the right surfboard and other important equipment
  2. Recognize and avoid dangers
  3. How to enter and exit the surfing zone
  4. Paddle a surfboard
  5. Pop up to your feet
  6. How to find, choose and catch your first waves
  7. Ride broken waves and perform basic turns
  8. Surfing etiquette and surfing rules
  9. Preparation for surfing
  10. How waves get created and the impact of weather conditions on the surf

Beginner surf lesson schedule

10:15h Meeting at the school center in Famara
10:30h – 12:30h Warm-up on the beach, practical and theoretical lesson on the beach and in the water
12:30h – 13:15h Picnic lunch on the beach with fresh fruit, sandwich made with local fresh products, water
13:15h – 15:15h Warm-up on the beach, practical and theoretical lesson on the beach and in the water
15:30h Back to our station in Famara

What beginner surf lessons include

  • Free hotel pick-up.*
  • Return transfer from our center in Famara to the spot of the day
  • Surfboard according to your surf level, wetsuit, rash vest
  • Practical and theoretical instructions on the beach and in the water, surf exercises, stretching
  • Healthy and fresh picnic lunch on the beach (sandwich with local products, fresh fruit & water)
  • Medical insurance
  • Surfing Certificate (min. 5 days course)
  • Surf school T-shirt (min. 5 days course)

* Please call us, to confirm the exact time and place. Free hotel pick-up service is offered for full day lessons only.

Where you find us

You will find the Red Star Surf school and shop on the main road of Caleta de Famara in front of the bar Chiringuito and the supermarket Otilia. The exact address is:

Avenida el Marinero 9, 35558 Caleta de Famara.

Opening hours are from 9am to 7pm (9am to 6pm during the winter months).

For reservations or any further questions, please, call us +34 928 528 808 or write us an email at

Surf school schedule

Time to be at RED STAR SURF in Famara: every day at 10 a.m. Beginner surf lessons, including transfer to the spot, set-up and lunch break, last approx. 5 hours. Small groups up to 8 people per surf instructor. Time to be there for the half day lessons is 10 a.m. or 12.30 pm. Half day lessons last ca. 2,5 hours. The schedule may change, due to weather and tide. We highly recommend to double check with us , calling +34 928 528 808

We always keep the groups small for safety and learning progression reasons. Therefore we ensure a maximum ratio of instructor : students of 1:8, according to the recommendations of the ISA (International Surfing association). As a result we can assure the best possible learning effect and safety. In conclusion, most of our students get up on their feet and surf within the first lesson. Don’t get frustrated if it wasn’t so in your case, everyone is different and must go with his or her own flow. Putting yourself under pressure is senseless, because it’s all about having fun!

Don’t let your dreams be just dreams, you are just one step from making it possible!

10 DAYS (50hrs) €450
7 DAYS (35hrs) €340
5 DAYS (25hrs) €250
3 DAYS (15hrs) €160 Surfcamp Lanzarote
1 DAY (5hrs) €55 Surfcamp Lanzarote
HALF DAY (2,5hrs) €35 Surfcamp Lanzarote
5 DAYS (12.5 hrs) €450
1 DAY (2.5 hrs) €100
1 DAY 1:2 for two persons (2.5 hrs) €160